Here at Nagel Liller A/S, we know storage space is often in short supply as far as Danish production companies are concerned, and with our bases at Vejle, Struer and Bjæverskov, we have over 17,500 m² of cool and cold store space, a 5,500 m³ warehouse facility, a 2,000 m³ dry goods terminal and a 2,500 m³ cool and cold store which you can use as transit storage for your products, and where we provide the storage, packing and redistribution.


In purely practical terms, what this means is that Nagel Liller A/S can collect your products and store them in our warehouse facility until we expedite and distribute them onwards to your customers. We create optimum cost-saving processing for our customers by combining transshipment and storage processes under one roof, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business.


With our four national terminals, we can smooth out general fluctuations between production at our customers and consumption at our recipient customers and counteract seasonal fluctuations and holiday fluctuations with our storage logistics solutions which can include:

  • Goods inwards checks based on agreed control and quality points
  • Storage in accordance with agreed storage criteria
  • Freezing
  • Pick & Pack solutions
  • Delivery control and issuing transport documents
  • Distribution
  • Washing packaging
  • Reading and emptying containers
  • Repacking into/out of display boxes, etc.

Ongoing status updates ensure our customers have transparent continuous control of their stockholdings.

Our cool/cold store terminal is approved as an eco-warehouse and import warehouse from third countries.