"We are always honest with one another and work together honestly too, which always helps us find a solution. We often challenge them with short-notice requests – major orders or a rapid collection or delivery, and Liller Trans never say no"


Vibeke Vernersen, logistics manager


Hedegård Foods



"As a fresh product supplier, it's important that our customers get their goods on time. That's the precision we've always had with Liller Trans. They are flexible at the same time. If we're late finishing a day's production, they always find a solution; and they always give us a competitive price"


Hans Petersen, director


Tjæreborg Leverpostej




"Above all, Liller Trans are reliable. If we've agreed something, we can rely on the transport being OK, and if a critical situation arises, they take it seriously and get it solved. Liller Trans is like an extension of our business, as they deliver direct to end users, which makes it even more important that we know they are absolutely professional and don't just offload from the greenhouse to the porch"


Nikolaj Stærmose, CEO


Juliana Drivhuse A/S