Nagel Liller A/S has over 150 of our own tractors and 300 trailers and as well as our own resources, we also use independent truckers as subcontractors. Most of our trailers are dual- compartment, which means we can carry fresh and frozen goods at the same time, enabling us to provide a practical and flexible service. Our trailer fleet also includes trailers with lifts and double decks.


The refrigerated trailers of our modern, state of the art fleet are all fitted with satellite monitoring and are equipped with automatic logs for recording cooling temperature, temperature settings, inlet temperature, temperatures in the middle and at the rear of the trailers and return air. We keep this data for 12 months, and you can ask for it if you want to see what the temperatures were like while your products were being shipped.


All our refrigerated trailers are ATP-approved, this is a requirement for carrying perishable foodstuffs between countries which have signed up to the ATP Agreement. Our refrigeration units are serviced by authorised workshops four times a year, and we calibrate them annually, and clean our refrigerated trailers inside and out so they meet the veterinary authorities' requirements for carrying food.