Nagel Liller A/S’ environmental policy is about the whole business and the subcontractor truckers who drive for us, and aims to ensure that the company's attitudes and outstanding contributions in the environment are known to both our customers, business partners and subcontractors.


As a haulage company, we have a responsibility towards society and the environment around us. We aim to live up to this responsibility, so one of our aims is that we want to reduce the environmental impact of our activities while taking account of our technical, financial and business constraints. Putting it plainly, we aim to work to reduce the environmental impact of Nagel Liller A/S's activities in transport, building, operating warehouses and terminals, working conditions and safety, without this affecting our level of quality and service towards our customers.


This includes:

  • Focusing on optimising logistics, including via fleet management systems and using more modular wagon trains
  • Focusing on environmentally friendly goods vehicles via demands on truckers to show proof of compliance with Euronorm standards and what Euronorm 5 or 6 demands of new vehicles
  • Providing continuing training for drivers to improve their safe behaviour and improve the environment
  • Focusing on reducing electricity, heat and water consumption in all buildings
  • Using environmentally friendly trucks at terminals and warehouse facilities
  • Focussing on a healthy and safe working environment for our staff and others who come into contact with what our company does
  • Preventing road traffic accidents and accidents at work

We also commit ourselves to comply with all legal requirements in terms of the environment.