Chilled / frozen distribution

Nagel Liller A/S is one of Denmark's leading suppliers in chilled and frozen foods.


Danish consumers are really keen on fresh food. Our customers are too, which is why Nagel Liller brings fresh supplies to the country's food shops and their central stores every day.


Distributing chilled and frozen products is one of Nagel Liller's absolute key competences. The food authorities have approved us to carry all kinds of food, we have state of the art refrigerated trucks and can offer a fine-meshed distribution setup throughout Denmark, and our trailers are tracked.


We know that even the slightest variation in temperature can end up being an expensive business; but by controlling the temperature, we can ensure an unbroken cold chain and keep your perishable chilled and frozen products fresh right through from when we collect them through to when we deliver them to their destination.